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Why Airless

Airless technology makes painting faster, better and easier. Once you experience the time savings and quality of finish provided by a Magnum airless paint sprayer, you´ll never want to tackle another painting project using anything but the Magnum. 

3 reasons to spray airless

  • Faster
  • Better
  • Easier


Airless spraying is the fastest painting technique. It is much faster than a brush, a roller or spray equipment with HVLP technology. By using Magnum, you will get the job done in no time

High pressure (Airless)

  • High pressure to work much faster 
  • For thin and thick materials: handles most materials without thinning (such as enamels, varnish, stains and wall paints)
  • Versatile application: for inside and outside painting, from small to large projects (such as painting of a whole house)
  • Sprays paint in 1 layer only

Low pressure (HVLP)

  • Low pressure
  • Especially for thin materials (such as enamels, varnish and stains)
  • Especially made for finishing woodwork or other fine painting (such as radiators, doors, garages, shutters, …)


Whether you want to spray a radiator, a door, a wall or a complete house, choose the right sprayer for the right application and you will obtain a consistent and professional finish quality

As airless spray equipment does not leave brush marks or roller stipples, it provides a very uniform appearance, an important advantage, especially for interior work.


Magnum airless paint sprayers are easy to use, clean and maintain.

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